About 6 weeks ago, after not having shot anything for a while due to a back injury, I felt good enough to get out there and photograph Chloe.  We didn’t venture far or do anything crazy (as I am sometimes known to do).  Lugging my gear around for that one hour was enough to completely ‘undo’ the epidural that I had 2 months prior.  *sigh*  So, while I DID get some lovely photographs, I wasn’t able to sit at the computer and edit them until now.  Physical therapy three times a week, chiropractor twice a week, acupuncture, new mattress, new ergonomic office chair….  all of this in the hopes of avoiding surgery and to be able to shoot again. I mean, honestly, I am not going to be able to wait until I’m feeling better to shoot again, so all of this just has to work.  This is short, and choppy, and in no way eloquent, but I wanted to post an update explaining my absence.  I hope to WILL be able to get back to my daily beach visits (sand is my enemy at the moment) and create new work soon. 🙂



Chloe Forest 1


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