Stormy Seas

I love the beach year round, in all weather, but I think I may be partial to right before (or during) a storm. There is something about standing before the ocean as it churns wildly…. the wind is roaring, the waves are rumbling and crashing… You feel very small. And vulnerable. There is always a split second of panic that creeps up for me after watching how powerful the sea is for a while. Especially when I am the only person in sight and there is a big sea wall behind me blocking my view of the street. But I love it! Which is why I go when it is warm, freezing, sleeting, raining, snowing, in wind chills below zero. It doesn’t matter (just bundle up!) Does anyone else feel this way about the power of the ocean and being in awe of it?? I have friends who absolutely abhor the beach (YIKES!) but to each their own. ❤  I took this early this afternoon just as snow started to fall in Sea Bright. By the time I had crossed the Highlands bridge, it had stopped. They are saying 3″ of snow tomorrow, but we were supposed to get some today and…. zippo so who knows.



Storm Driftwood

Storm Driftwood

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