Sneaky Fox

Every time we visit IBSP, we see the foxes running along side the road eagerly waiting for people to feed them.  People, do not feed them.  They are WAY too friendly already. Don’t do it.


I used to take a lot of photos of them, but now it annoys me that the blacktop always gets  in the shot.  So one day we were walking along a trail looking for birds.  Clearly, I need to get some good binoculars, a bird guide and do a little research before I actively seek them out to photograph them because I hardly ever see ANY birds let alone get into a position to be able to photograph them.  Anyway, I heard a rustling noise in the brush which scared me enough that you’d think we had grizzly bears or Cheetahs running around loose in IBSP.  We don’t.  I looked through my lens and caught this guy sneaking around. I assume he was following us in the hopes that we had food. We did, but he didn’t get any. 🙂


Fox in Hiding

Fox in Hiding


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