Ocean Bliss

I had intended on taking a break from photography, but not such a LONG break!  But…. I really needed the break.  Health problems and creative stagnation hit at the same time and rather than try to force it, I said to myself ‘Self, how about you leave the camera at home for a while?’ And when I answered myself, I knew I was making the right decision. 🙂

I was still able to feel a bit creative over the last few months by posting my everyday shots on Instagram but it just isn’t the same for me creatively.  Last week when I went on a beach walk, I took my camera along.  And it felt good.  I need to find my groove again, but I think I’m ready to get back to business.  Here is one I’ve entitled Ocean Bliss.  Hope you like it.

Ocean Bliss

2 thoughts on “Ocean Bliss

  1. My little paintings, photos, wood workings and even two boats came from mind controlling inspiration. It had to be done. When I joined Etsy the demand to make money buried my creative side.

    Taking time away is a good idea. You take a vacation from the job. You settle in and let the mind free itself. Forced creativity, I swear it what brought the Neru shirt and bell bottom pants. Lol. Keep smiling Lisa.

    • Yes, absolutely. Even my paper crafting has suffered because of making tags for my other shop. I haven’t wanted to scrapbook my own images. Hopefully it will turn around again. Maybe when the weather cools down and I don’t feel the pull to be out in the sun 😉 Thank you Terry!

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