Time Flies

Where did June go?? I cannot believe it is July 1st already.  So…. I have not been fueling my creative fire lately and am not sure why.  It sort of feels like some kind of ‘rest’ for me.  I have been dabbling creatively on Instagram because 1) it is a great way to document the everyday and 2) it is quick. I don’t give a lot of thought to my IG posts because I am literally sharing whatever makes me happy on any given day.  But I am finding that it may be a crutch of sorts… something to distract me from digging deep and getting back ‘in the game’ (whatever game that may be).

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the day with Lauren.  It was so nice to catch up with her!  And before she left, I threw a dress at her and said ‘Let’s shoot!’  No plan, not feeling creative at all.  And not having photographed a human for an artsy piece in a long time.  But she is my muse and she inspires me to create.  I am just starting to edit the photos now and wanted to share one.  I haven’t shot much in general since that day, but editing this series is getting me excited about getting back out there.  Maybe I am finally rousing from my creative ‘sleep’…..

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