Road Less Traveled

We often hear about ‘the road less traveled’. We are inundated all day long with spirit-building, hope-raising, power-inducing memes telling us to ‘just do it’.  ‘She thought she could so she did’. That doesn’t always work out in the real world now, does it? Just because I think I can fly, doesn’t mean I can.  Or thinking that I can sew won’t suddenly enable me to whip myself up a party dress.  But I get it…. don’t take it literally.

If you go into something optimistically, you have a better shot at succeeding.  It doesn’t mean you WILL succeed, but If you believe you will FAIL at something, you more than likely will.  Because then you are going into it half-assedly, pessimistically, and expecting to have to wash egg off your face. (Will anyone really be waiting for you to mess up so that they can pelt you with eggs?)  So while we are bombarded with all of these messages (which sometimes sound trite and quite frankly, like bullshit, depending upon the day), we need to remember that it may be worth a shot.  Worst case, it doesn’t pan out.  But then we will have learned something. Or, at the very least, be able to say ‘been there, done that’ and scratch something else off the list.  No one likes to fail.  No one wants to yell ‘Hey! I tried that and sucked at it!’ from the rooftops.  But I think, I THINK, it would be worse to wonder ‘what if I had….’ when there is no longer the chance to ‘….’.   So, take that road less traveled. Do something that scares you.  And I will say it today because it is that kind of day…. ‘just do it’.


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