Happy Girl

I have thousands of photographs sitting on my hard drive collecting virtual dust. Although I don’t hoard anything tangible, I definitely hoard RAW files.  “I’ll get back to these.” “I’ll edit those later.”  And here I am with almost 1 TB of data hogging up space, not properly named, probably never to see the light of my screen again.  So today I decided I would start to delete files and promised not to look back.  Then I come across the shoot that Lauren and I did for Obscurae Magazine’s summer issue, and I find some funny, happy outtakes that I can’t bear to delete.  So I am guessing that this whole deleting-thing won’t be as successful as I had anticipated. 😉

2 thoughts on “Happy Girl

  1. Like you, I keep thousands of RAW files. I created a batch process to convert them to low resolution JPG files so that I could quickly decide which are worth processing further. But very few end up in Trash. I bought a big network drive to give me more space!

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