Spent the afternoon yesterday on the beach. The wind was ridiculous. Ri. Di. Cu. Lous.  My hair was being blown around my face, covering my camera.  It was completely overcast after a rain storm.  I was hoping to just get some great cloud photos.  The hair-thing was really getting on my nerves, but then all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds behind me and a rainbow appeared!  It was there for a minute, if even that.  And I literally yelled out ‘rainbow!’ like a little kid LOL   I have never seen a rainbow where I was able to see the blues/violet colors.   It felt so surreal….  the sun was super bright on the sand and the surf, but then it faded into ominous clouds towards the east.  And those tiny, white specs are all sea gulls.  A little, happy gift from above. ❤

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