Please Vote

So Obscurae Magazine is holding a model contest and one of the shots I took of Lauren got her into the final 15!!!  How exciting is that??

I hate asking people for votes but Lauren SO deserves this! I mean, look at her!  And not only is she gorgeous, she has such a loving, beautiful soul.  She is so sweet and caring and I would love to see her be featured in the magazine.  So, if you can help out, please vote and please share the page on Facebook with your friends and ask them to vote too.  This has nothing to do with me, let’s be clear! This is ALL about Miss Lauren.  I can put Lauren into any outfit, hell even a burlap sack, and she will rock it.  I am sharing a few other conceptual shots I have taken of her so that you can see her range.  And if you feel she deserves a shot at winning, PLEASE vote for her!!! Thank you ❤

In order to vote, you need to1) click on the photo with the umbrella which will take you to the image in the contest and click ‘like’ and 2) like Obscurae Magazine’s Facebook page (you must like their page in order for your vote to count).  This is the photo and I am linking it to their page:

Lauren Ruchalski - Parasol

Labor of Love

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