Tending to Them

I shot this model in my back yard in a red dress.  Half way through editing, I completely changed directions.  Changed the dress to teal and moved her onto the beach.  The creative process is an amazing one.  Why?  Because you are not stuck or bound to flesh out any one idea until the end.  You can tweak and play and change and even start over if you want.  No rules, just going where your heart guides the image. That is what I love so very much about conceptual fine art photography. ❤  This is entitled “Tending to Them”.  Model: Shaina Dente    Hope you like it as much as I did creating it.




Tending To Them





Re-worked the lighting on the model:



Tending To Them




9 thoughts on “Tending to Them

    • I don’t mind at all. There are many technical flaws that I couldn’t get around because I shot the model in my yard on one day and used an old photo I had of the beach. But I really wanted to create art this day

      • You did a really good job working within those limitations. My only major nitpick was that your light direction on your model is the direct opposite of the scene, giving away a sense of reality to it. Flipping your model layer over might take of it though!

        It’s very lovely overall though. I’ll be following to keep up with your photos!

  1. Unfortunately, this was one I really created just for fun, so I flattened all of my layers. I went back and cut out the model, cloned the background, flipped her, then changed some of the lighting on her. I will put it up under the original above.

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