Labor of Love

This image was inspired by the maker in me.  I always seem to making something…  whether with paper, yarn or my camera, something is always in the works.  And I put my heart into everything I make.  A little piece of my soul.  A little piece of me.  I thought of this concept so many months ago and kept putting off creating it.  I couldn’t decide where I was going to shoot it.  Or how I was going to get the viewer to focus on what was happening.  I was envisioning a grander, more elaborate piece and that vision actually kept me from starting.  For months.  I finally put all of my expectations on a small shelf in my brain (I have many, but this one was white, and made of wood) and threw myself into getting this piece made.  This is entitled “Labor of Love”.




Labor of Love




What do you pour your heart and soul into?  Baking?  Dancing?  Helping others?  I’d love to hear what you are passionate about.

6 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. Wow Lisa.. I was at first befuddled by looking at this image. Then when I took in everything I could feel myself smiling. Can’t say it enough but I really love you work. Love the title of this image. Fits perfectly!

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