Obscurae Magazine



When I first read about the Seaside theme call for Obscurae, I knew immediately:

1) that I wanted Lauren

2) that I had to find a vintage bathing suit

3) that we would shoot in Sea Bright




I cannot tell you how hot it was the day we shot.  Well, I can. It was brutally hot.  Humidity was high, the sun was a scorcher.  And Lauren handled it, wardrobe changes and all, like a pro.  I knew she’d make a good hippie!  I texted the owner of Vintage Variety in Atlantic Highlands asking about bathing suits and I was there within a half hour sifting through my options.  I chose this skirted Jantzen that came with a matching cover-up.




Vintage Swimwear - 1




After shooting on the sea wall and next to the bay, we transformed this lovely bathing beauty into her inner hippie.  The top she is wearing is actually a dress.  I didn’t like how it looked so I tied it up behind her back to shorten it.  I wanted the necklace to look organic so I took some hemp that I had and crocheted with it. Then I attached some jewelry findings I had lying around.




Hippie at Heart - 3




Hippie at Heart - 4



All of these were included in Volume 4 Issue 1 of Obscurae Magazine.  I had one other magazine publication through Trevillion, but this is the first time I shot editorially specifically for a magazine.  Obscurae is filled with beautiful images from photographers all over the world, so if you are into fashion and art, you may want to grab yourself the digital copy for only $4.  I am in Issue 1.  There is also a huge, combined issue available where you will get to see twice the amount of photographers’ works.  You can follow Obscurae on Facebook here.


Here is how they look in the magazine:








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