Dance Like…


Dance like no one’s watching…. I love that phrase.  I love it because it emphasizes that most of us care WAY too much about what other people think.  A song comes on, you seriously want to leap out of your chair and shake your ass, but no one else is dancing, so…… you sit there.  You LOVE that bright, giant flower and want to put it in your hair but…. you’re going food shopping and people may stare at you so you don’t.  It is pouring outside, it is summer time, you’re already in flip-flops so why not kick them off and jump around in the puddles?  ‘Because adults don’t do that.’  And that, right there, is a problem.



When we were younger, we did things on impulse.  Sometimes it worked out perfectly and oftentimes, not so much.  But we didn’t care about what other people thought.  We wore polka dots with rainbow stripes.  Two different colored socks.    We thought for SURE we would one day become astronauts (or, in my case, become Bill Gates’ protégé).  Then we grow up and reality sets in and most of us do not become astronauts.  We have bills to pay so we set less lofty goals for ourselves.  And that’s fine, I’m a realist, I get it.  But at what point did we start to let other people’s opinions set our standards?  Do not wear white shoes before Memorial Day.  If you’re older than 50 you should not have long hair.  Or a short skirt for that matter, even if your body rivals J Lo’s (or even if it doesn’t).   If you have curly hair, you’re thought to be unkempt or unsophisticated if you do not straighten it.  If you’re plus-sized, you should stay away from bright colors and patterns.  As an adult, you shouldn’t just drop to the ground and roll down that grassy hill in the park especially if you are by yourself.  Why NOT?   If that will make you happy, go right ahead and do it.  If it harms no one else, who the hell cares?  All of those uptight people watching you laugh hysterically when you get up from that hill will be shaking their heads but secretly wishing they could do it too.  Be fearless!  Express yourself!  BE YOURSELF!  If you care enough about other people’s opinions to let them actually stop you from doing something, you need to do some soul-searching and stop those reactions immediately.  Seriously.  Stop them.   It takes practice, trust me, but you’ll get better at it with time.  I know I am.



This whole dialogue began in my head when I was editing this photograph.  Doesn’t it look like he is dancing in the water?  Doesn’t it look like she couldn’t give a rat’s ass if anyone was watching her?






Well that is what I see.  Or what I want to see.  It makes me want to kick off my white sandals during an April shower with my crazy-curly-frizzy hair falling on my neon-yellow/patterned shirt and jump from puddle to puddle shaking my plus-sized butt and sing Judas Priest’s ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’.  And if you see a woman doing that in the Shop-Rite parking lot, that’s me.  😉







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