This might be my happiest, brightest conceptual piece to date. And I absolutely LOVE it!  I have been working on this for days and days, hours and hours each day.  Everything I did to it felt ‘forced’. I was heading down a path that just didn’t seem right for the piece.  I scrapped (deleted) about 15 layers in one fell swoop and started again.  I am glad I did.  This is closer to what I had envisioned.  What do you feel (if anything) when you view this image?  Any emotions?  What story does it relate to you?  I’m interested to hear what others think.




2 thoughts on “Transcending

  1. As weird as this may sound. Freedom and fairy tales come to mind when I view this image. In all honesty I feel like she could be flying off to Neverland. This is fantastic and I found myself spending a good 10 minutes or so with this particular image. Great job!

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