Surf Soar

Thursday evening around 5:30, I decided to take a ride to the beach since my car’s temperature reading said it was hovering around 80 degrees outside.  As I approached Ocean Ave, I could see the blanket of fog rising up from the frigid ocean as it hit the warmer air.  There was a haze over the river as well and the sun beaming through was mystical.



I’m not sure what it is about seagulls but I just cannot get enough of them.  My husband teases me about how I will ignore whatever is going on around me if there is a gull in flight anywhere within range of my lens.  And I realize how much some people detest the use of the term ‘seagull’.  Using the all-encompassing term instead of the specific Herring Gull, White-headed Gull, etc.  Growing up, we called them seagulls and since all of the different types delight me equally, I’m stickin’ with it.  So here is the first shot I edited.  I call this one ‘Surf Soar’ and just listed it in my Etsy shop.


Surf Soar




It is about time I made some more beach photos…. this was the longest…. winter….. ever.  At least, it certainly felt that way.  This warmer weather tells me that we are *this* close away from beach-lounging, people.  *thisclose*



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