Sometimes it is difficult for a young girl to find her voice.  Growing up, she is told how to feel, how to behave.  What to believe in, what to aspire to be.  What she should look like like, act like.  It seems that from a young age, girls are learning to hate themselves. Hating they way they look way before they are even supposed to look like anything other than a young kid.

We need to teach our daughters that beauty comes from within.  That what makes a person beautiful is

their soul.

their heart.

their kindness.

their empathy.

their altruism.

their strength.

their sense of humor.

their ability to console.

and uplift.

and encourage.

and inspire.

Not their physical appearance.

We need to foster creativity and individuality.

Standing up for beliefs even when they may not be the popular one.

We need to teach them to be true to themselves.

Foster a sense of purpose, of being, of doing for others.

For all of the girls who are able to find their OWN voice, through all of the noise.

‘Blossoming’ ©Lisa Bonowicz



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