BeU Show Opening

I cannot believe that my last post here was on the 8th. The 8th? Really??  Time seems to be flying.  I have been busy shooting the images I need for new conceptual work, stock photos, some pretties just for me.


The opening of my first gallery exhibit was last Saturday!!  I WISH I had been there at the BeHUMAN Gallery in Houston, TX to meet the amazing artists who are in the show with me and able to attend.  To have my work next to theirs leaves me speechless.  Seriously.  The talent in that group is crazy.  Just nuts.  It is such an honor to be a part of this show with them.  There was a live-feed on Saturday night that my husband and I watched together so we truly felt as if we were there.  Friends were posting photographs on Facebook real-time.  A big thank-you to Diane Miller for taking photos of my pieces on the wall and sending them to me so quickly (check out her amazing work here:  Diane K Miller).  I cried, of course.  Big baby.  But they were tears of joy. And hope.  Because I know I am only at the beginning of my journey…. and who knows where it will lead?  Maybe nowhere.  Maybe somewhere.  Maybe just a place that makes me happy.  Although I can tell you that creating these conceptual pieces fills my heart with joy and balances out my still-life and seascapes perfectly.



“The Memory Box” and “Searching” hanging in the gallery (how surreal!!!)









There was a good sized crowd all evening.









And here are the photographers from my fine art group that were able to make the show.





If you are in the Houston area anywhere from now until April 13th, I highly recommend that you go to the BeHUMAN Gallery to see the BeU show because you won’t regret it.  Each of the pieces tells a story and you will find yourself lost in thought (and imaginary worlds) while there, trust me.   There is a group get-together being planned and I cannot wait to meet everyone! 




4 thoughts on “BeU Show Opening

  1. I love “Searching”, that is a fantastic piece. I found your shop online and will probably put an order in for a print next paycheck

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