A Moment of Joy

This winter seems to be lasting forever.  Could be the weekly bouts of snow, the ridiculously low temps (last night it was 7 degrees), or the lack of sunshine.  We are due for some sort of a snow storm tonight into tomorrow.  Estimates have varied anywhere from sleet to 12″.  All I know is that whenever a storm is coming, my bones and muscles scream in pain, non-stop.  This week I am having a particularly bad flare-up.  I wish I could just tell my body ‘dude, you’re attacking yourself. Knock it off.’  I was recently diagnosed with 3 more autoimmune diseases to add to the ones I already had.  I don’t talk about it much because, well, there is no point.  Why wallow in it? But at this particular moment here at the PC, the joints in my hands and feet are so swollen, it hurts to type and when I get up from the chair, I have to stand for a seconds before I can take a step.  I’m neck-deep in a pity party today. 😦  Forgive me.  Sometimes, you just have to vent and whine and get it the hell out and then MOVE ON.  As I will do with the rest of today.  I have an order I am finishing up for a beautiful little girl’s baptism (I am hand making the table numbers, menus, place cards and cupcake toppers out of my paper shop on Etsy.)




So the whole point of this post was to share the sunrise photograph I took on Monday morning.  I woke up around 5:00 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep so I figured what the hell.  It was 16 degrees out.  Colder with the wind off the ocean.  But  those few minutes standing on the rocks waiting for the sun to appear were pure joy for me.  For that moment, nothing in my body hurt.  I didn’t care about my fingers freezing through my gloves or the fact that my ears could have fallen off without me knowing it.  I was mesmerized, staring at the horizon, watching the orange glow intensify and waiting for the sun to pop up into the sky.  Ahhhhhhhh.  Well worth it.  What a moment of joy. 😀





A Moment of Joy

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