While it is snowing here in NJ

It is really coming down now.  I drove down to Sandy Hook this morning when the snow first began to fall.   The waves were churning, there was a thick fog everywhere and the wind was blowing the snow so hard that you could barely see.  The roads became slick rather quickly so I decided to head home.  I’m sitting here looking out into the yard.  It looks like a Winter Wonderland and it is killing me that I can’t get out to shoot.  *sigh*  I took this Instagram pic out my back door and there is a 3-4″ drop from that sash down to the ground below.  They are saying around 14″ for us here at the Jersey shore but I have to believe it is going to be more than that if it continues at this pace through the overnight.  It has not let up in the last 3 hours.  I’m hoping everyone who is out in this gets home safely!





So while I sit here drinking hot, orange spice tea with the heat turned way up, I am editing sunrise photos that, although taken just 2 days ago, are making me think about summer.  And this summer-girl

C A N N O T   W A I T.



Sun at Dawn

6 thoughts on “While it is snowing here in NJ

  1. Here in Maryland we only got 5 inches thank god. But due to the cold weather it looks like it will stick around for quite some time. I would love to be able to walk right into the 2nd image right about now :-).

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