New Fine Art Piece

I shot the photographs for this a few weeks ago at a friend’s home and after culling, I didn’t think I would be able to create the vision that I had sketched out.  And while it does not exactly match my sketch, it is close and I am quite happy with it. 🙂

The Helper – ©Lisa Bonowicz 2013

The Helper

More sketches are being drawn and more fine art work will be created this year.  They bring me such immense joy and the creative part of my brain (and heart) just sing.  So this work is high on my list of goals for 2014.

4 thoughts on “New Fine Art Piece

  1. Beautiful photo! Reminds me of a sad incident when I was at school though. Also a spiral staircase, just tighter.
    The girl at the bottom reached up and passed an apple to the girl above, who reached down and fell to her death.
    Well, she died the next morning. I will never forget it. But your picture is beautiful non the less

  2. Would love to take a class from you.. I love Artistic Portraiture. I have ideas in my mind of what I want to create but no idea as ho to do so. Haunting yet beautiful. I have spent more time with this image than I have on any other image I have come cross today.. You rock Lisa!

  3. Oh wow you totally made my day Dino! Thank you very much. I took a workshop on CreativeLive from Brooke Shaden and it completely changed my life. I never, ever thought I could create these types of images until I took that workshop. I highly recommend it if they are still offering it. I believe she has another one coming up in February.

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