Glowing Orbs

Two of the gorgeous chandeliers that hang in Grand Central Station in NYC.  I am slowly going through my NYC photos so bear with me.  As I stated earlier, when I worked in the city, I never thought to bring in a camera. How ridiculous is that?  Other than to take photos of friends if we were going out after work, it never entered my mind.  I think about all of the lunch hours spent walking through the South Street Seaport, Battery Park, up Broadway, on Wall Street… sitting inside Trinity Church and walking through the cemetery.  Walking over to Chinatown.  The Brooklyn Bridge.  I traveled to and from the World Trade Center and only once did I happen to have my camera when I met a friend for lunch and snapped a few photos.  Really?  Really??  I guess the photographer in me was on mute the majority of the time I worked as a computer programmer.  When I walked through the streets of downtown, my mind was always focused on the task that awaited me at the office or making sure I was on time for my train/bus/ferry home.  What a shame.  And back then, we didn’t have cell phones that took pictures.  I had a flip-phone and didn’t even have texting.  I still wore a beeper!

Anyway, this was my first ‘real’ trip back specifically to shoot and I plan on making monthly visits throughout the winter and spring.  I am still shooting here at the Jersey Shore, so you will be seeing more beach photos again shortly but they will be interspersed with NYC.  Nice juxtaposition I think 🙂



Golden Orbs

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