Urban Gateway

How often did I ride the NYC subway system? Quite a bit during the 14 years that I worked in Manhattan.  Running to catch a train to work, running to catch a train to catch a train to catch a train home. (Yes, at one point, I took the subway, the PATH and NJ Transit each way.)  Mostly wearing earphones and trying really hard not to inhale too deeply.  The noise of the subway screeching into the South Ferry station was greeted by waiting passengers jamming their fingers into their ears.  How many times did I stand pressed up against the doors, looking out, catching glimpses of those dark tunnels with each passing, dimly lit light?  Sometimes the lights on the train flickered.  Sometimes they went out.  Sometimes we stopped for reasons unknown for inordinate amounts of time.  Never once did I think about something going wrong.  About being stuck down there for any number of reasons.  About those tunnels possibly filling up with water as they did after Superstorm Sandy.  So now, years and years later, when I look down into a subway entrance, I have very different emotions surface than I did before when riding was a normalcy.  Actually, I never really had any emotions.  Never thought about it before.  But I certainly do now.


“Urban Gateway” ©Lisa Bonowicz 2013



Urban Gateway




6 thoughts on “Urban Gateway

  1. I love it! 🙂
    The photograph is really in keeping with the feelings expressed in your ‘caption’. As if before entering the tunnel,you slowed down and reflected a little bit about what happened and what might happen there.

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