One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy (or technically ‘Superstorm Sandy’).  That once-in-200-years storm wreaked havoc all along its path but seemed to be more apparent in the small oceanfront towns here at the Jersey Shore.  I remember prepping for the storm the day before (October 28th).  I had my batteries (after having to go to nearly 10 stores to find them), gallons of water, canned foods, a manual can opener (almost forgot that one), candles, matches….  We took down the patio umbrellas, moved the chairs into the screened porch, moved anything that could become a projectile inside, cleaned the gutters.   We visited the beach at Sea Bright several times throughout the day before Sandy to photograph the churning waves that were growing larger and larger.




There were huge dunes of sand in place to hopefully save some of it from being washed away and possibly protect the streets from flooding.






The town braced itself as best as it could.















But no one could have predicted what Sandy had in store for us.  It wasn’t long before the winds picked up and tree limbs started to fall.   My neighborhood lost power for 5 days and we got off easy.





You can read my blog post from last year, which has many photos from the aftermath, here.





The Jet Star roller coaster in Seaside became an icon of the storm.






For weeks after the storm, entire seaside towns were desolate.  They just sat there, untouched, in ruins.  The clean-up process started in Sea Bright shortly after the town was re-opened.







































On the evening of January 8, 2013, I drove to the beach and was so excited to happen upon this sight that I couldn’t stop crying.  Beach replenishment had begun!





These were taken the next evening.














It took many, many months before boardwalks were rebuilt, homes were raised or replaced, and to this day, there are lots that are vacant where residents who lost their homes either could not or chose not to rebuild.


April 8, 2013 – Boardwalk in Sea Bright being rebuilt



Sandy Hook was closed for months.




When it finally reopened in May, the damage to Fort Hancock was apparent.





Most beaches reopened for Memorial Day and although they looked and felt different, we were all so happy that they were able to open at all.   The effects of the storm were far-reaching, deeply affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  On this anniversary, it is hard not to think about the fear and sadness we all felt a year ago.  And although parts of our shore will never be the same, we are all hopeful that we will become ever better than we were before.  And even stronger for having gone through this.   I am going to gather a group of photos of the areas that were hit hard to show the progress they’ve made.  I will tell you this though…..  I wouldn’t trade living at the Jersey Shore for anything in the world.


Morning Wave




Sunlit Sailing




Swinging Around




Fickle Evening




64 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Being a resident of Florida, I am definitely familiar with hurricanes and their damage. This was a great photo essay of a year ago and the recovery. I hope your family and friends were safe and are recovering despite the damage.

  2. Thank you, the visits I’ve made since the storm has always shown something newly devastated.
    We revisited many towns this summer when all was open and “better than before.”The ghosts of childhood and first kisses lingered a long as we strolled by day and night.

  3. As horrible as it sounds I live in Florida and I have not seen damage as massive as this in a long time. I went with no electricity for a couple of weeks, picked up a lot of liter but devastation that wipes out this much is beyond believe. It is like a tornado hit a huge area. Wish you guys the best. FEMA get off your behind and really help these people.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Many people had to wait a very long time before they were able to get assistance so I am not sure what happened there with the government. Hoping you stay safe down there with all of those hurricanes!

  4. Thank you for your blog Lisa and for sharing your beautiful photos.
    I am from Long Island but live in Houston, and all during Sandy I had sporadic contact with my sisters who live on LI.
    It is still hard for me to believe what happened but I’m glad my family was unharmed and that you were ok. It makes me so happy that the Jersey Shore is coming back!!!
    Thank you again for sharing.

  5. Beautiful photos of a terrible time, and a beautifully written update. It seems everyone is interested when devastation hits, but loose interest once the initial shock passes. Good to hear how well your area is recovering.

  6. Love your photos. Glad you were safe. So happy the Jersey Shore is being repaired.
    During the storm I received intermittent updates from my sisters on Long Island, while I felt useless here in Houston.

  7. Congrats on being freshly pressed! I love your photo essay, especially the last pictures. It kind of expresses that after all the destruction there is hope left. Greetings!

    • Yes, very far! I remember walking over the bridge right before they closed it and could not believe all of that sand all over Ocean Ave. Wasn’t that a sight?? Hoping you and your family made it through okay. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  8. Amazing! From one Jersey Shore resident to another ( I was in Keansburg) no matter what I wouldnt trade it in for anything in the world! We are a resilient bunch and I was so happy that I could bring my kids back to the beach this summer. All my fondest memories are spending long summer days with my mom (a Miami transplant) at Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch, and of course those fun days in the 90’s cutting school to go to the Deal beach! Thanks for sharing this for all those who are not living in our amazing state!
    I took some pics of the rebuilding of Keansburg, if you are interested, I can send you the link (I hate to just post a link on a strangers blog site)

  9. i can still recall that day and thought what if that happens here. now she was here, Super Typhoon Haiyan. it devastated several areas and looks like ghost towns now. there were lootings reported. help comes in different forms. on all donations there will be a tax to be imposed by our law and our government is corrupt and we also need help monitoring your donations.

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