I am starting to work on more fine art portraiture.  I love everything about the process…. conceptualizing, executing, shooting, editing.  I have so many ideas and have been putting off creating them because I didn’t want to use myself in the pieces.  Self-portraits are difficult on many levels.  Even the ones where you are smiling at the camera conveying happiness.  To try to capture a mood/feeling/emotion/concept when you are not physically able to look through your camera and adjust as you shoot makes it even tougher.  This genre is new to me and I hope you’ll bear with me as I explore and create.  I call this one ‘Balance’.  I often attempt to seek the right amount of balance between artistic pursuits, running two businesses, making a home for my family and dealing with health issues.  There is usually some tipping-point during the week where one thing or another (or many) will have to give.  I feel like I am right on the edge of something and I am about to fall somewhere….  I added in the rays of sun to represent the positive and comforting things that we can allow to cloak us and shield us from negativity.  That no matter what is going on (or going wrong), there is hope.




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