Exciting News

This has been a long month! LOL  I am not the most patient person and waiting is a skill I have yet to master.  I am the type of person who, if I buy and wrap a Christmas gift a month early, will be bursting at the seams if I don’t give it to the recipient immediately.   I took the leap and submitted some of my work to two highly-reputable companies that specialize in rights-managed licensing of images to clients all over the world.  Waiting to hear back from them was, literally, torture.  Self-doubt creeps in and has a way of wrecking your positivity and optimism.  I am not sure of when I morphed from the glass-half-full person to the glass-half-empty person to the I-bet-this-isn’t-even-water person, but it is a path that I did not intend on going down.  It really tends to suck the joy out of everything because you are just always expecting the worst.  Or the let-down.  Or the ‘no’.  So for a week, I compulsively checked my phone to see if I had a reply from either company.  I was completely overjoyed to find out I was accepted by both!    After a lot of research, I decided to sign a contract solely with Trevillion Images.  I am TRULY honored to be joining such a talented group of photographers!

Ever get a flash of a great idea or something you need to do but then, within minutes, it drops right out of your head?  That has been happening too often lately and it is SO frustrating.  I will have a great idea for something to shoot and then *WHAM*!  I lose it.  So I am now keeping a journal as a way to lasso the train of  inspirations/randomosity/half-thoughts/is-that-even-possibles running around inside my brain.  I have big plans and, now, I need to bring them to life!

I am currently working on expanding my portfolio with Trevillion but you can view my current gallery here.


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