Photo Challenge – Patriotic

I went with 2 shots of the 9/11 Memorial because I thought about how the entire country came together after 9/11.  No petty b.s.  Just everyone helping others and looking out for each other.  That’s what I first thought of for the theme of ‘patriotic’.   The eagle is holding a piece of twisted metal from one of the towers.  8:46 is the time that the first tower was hit.



I saw some truly horrific things that day that are forever burned in my memory, but equally vivid are the memories of people reaching out to strangers.  This cross was handed to me by a man outside a church as my friend and I, covered in white dust from the collapsed towers, walked past.  We had others hand us water bottles and ask us if we wanted to come inside their homes.


That sense of unity, oneness, one nation under God seems to have faded a bit over the last 12 years.    It shouldn’t take a tragedy to bring us back together.

Flag Pole

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