The Sunrise that Wasn’t

The other night, I couldn’t sleep (I have wicked insomnia so that’s not rare) but decided to go out and shoot the sunrise.  It was raining when I left so I wasn’t hopeful of getting anything great but, hey, I was already up, dressed and out.  This is where the sun should have been.






I left the first set of footprints for the day.








There is just such calm at the beach at dawn.  I can’t even put into words the feeling I get standing before the crashing waves and waiting for the sun to appear.  You really, truly need to go and experience it yourself one day.  The only color in the sky was over New York City.







I hung around a while because I noticed that the clouds were starting to dissipate a little.  Glad I waited.










The beach is my favorite place on earth.  It grounds me, it lifts my spirit, it puts everything into perspective.  I can be having the worst day and within 10 seconds of my feet hitting the sand, it all just melts away.  All the petty b-s, all the nonsense.  All the upsetting things that really shouldn’t affect me but do.  The health issues, the physical limitations… they just don’t matter (or exist) when I am there.  A brief, sandy, salty respite.  Which explains why I go there so often.  I have learned so much about myself over the past few months and feel I am a stronger, more focused person.  Life is cyclical and things come and go for a reason.  The ebb and flow of the tide, the waxing and waning of the moon, the frost and heat of the seasons.   The sun must set so that it can rise again to start a new day.   And who knows that that new day will hold?  Maybe something great.  Maybe nothing new at all.  But it IS another day given to you to enjoy.  So make sure that you do.  I know I will.  😀 



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