A New Beginning

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  A lot.  Like hamster-on-a-wheel kinds of thoughts.  Same things, over and over, no resolutions.  I’ve decided it is time.  Time for some major changes in my life.  To figure out what isn’t working for me any more and get rid of whatever (or whoever) they are.  Life is short.  You hear that all the time, right?  But I’ve been thinking about how there is no guarantee for a tomorrow for any of us and I don’t like how much time I’ve been spending focusing on the negative.  It is so easy to get caught in that rut/trap/habit/hellhole.  We are always looking to improve, for something better, for perfection…. and we don’t spend enough time thinking about our blessings, our talents, what we can do to make this earth a better place.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have goals.  They are both necessary and rewarding.  They keep us from stagnating.  So this morning, I wrote out a list of goals for my business, myself and my home.  Putting these things down on paper helps to quiet the circling thoughts that just seem to whirl around in my mind.  I can *see* the things that need to be changed.  I can *see* the things I need to focus on.  I am now adding deadlines to some of these things so that I cannot push them off indefinitely.

And I fully expect that I will not be able to cross everything off of these lists.  And I am okay with that.  I am going to take baby steps and not expect everything to be resolved in a week.  (Very difficult to do with a type-A personality by the way LOL)  But I am going to try, damn it!  I am going to live my life listening to my own inner voice.  I will quiet the voices of those who are negative, judgmental, unsupportive and feel the need to tear others down to make themselves feel more ‘important’.  Know what’s important?  Loving your family, your friends and yourself, no matter what.  Not feeling that you need to fit into some ELSE’S mold of who THEY think you should be.  Be yourself. Be true to yourself.  And most importantly, BE HAPPY.  As my mom recently reminded me, you cannot confidently move forward into your future if you are looking over your shoulder at the past.  And I have a lot of goals for my future and I want to meet them, head on.




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