Crazy Clouds

Took a ride to the beach yesterday evening.  More for the fresh air than for the photos.  Those always seem to be the days I am surprised by nature with some sort of giftie.  Look at these crazy cloud formations.  (I literally saved these files as ‘crazyclouds’ because I’m just creative that way :D)   That is NYC in the background of the first shot and you can see the Freedom Tower on the left and the Empire State Building a little right of center.





















This is looking towards the Verrazano Bridge and Raritan Bay over the town of Highlands with Sandy Hook to the right.







Someone recently asked me if I get ‘tired’ of going to shoot in the same places and my answer was a resounding ‘hell no!’  Look at these clouds…. they weren’t like that the day before. The skies are ever-changing and when you add in the ocean, it is just the icing on the proverbial, photographic cake.  And you all know how much of a beach girl I am.  So whether I have my camera or not, you will more than likely find me there.  I sometimes purposely (although not frequently) leave my camera at home in order to force me to take in the surroundings, sounds and experience firsthand and not through the lens.  You can really miss a lot of sensory data when you are looking at your surroundings with one eye through a camera pressed to your face the entire time.  I am planning on leaving my camera home when I venture out this afternoon but this tiny voice in my head is already saying to take it ‘just in case’.  😉

2 thoughts on “Crazy Clouds

  1. Hello Lisa, these photos are so beautiful…..I love Jersey shore..And I’d say Hell no! loudly to the answer as well…I laughed and smiled when I read “I sometimes purposely leave my camera at home…..” I know the feeling! Happy shooting! : ) Mariko

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