Catching Up

I literally have been shooting more than I can possibly edit, list and post.  Which is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just feeling a bit like a mouse is growing out of my right hand which seems to want to always be in the claw position now.  I’ve actually developed a trigger finger.  The middle finger of my right hand which can come in pretty handy driving in New Jersey.  Of course, I jest….  😉


Here is one I call ‘Fearless’.  I just listed this as an 8×10 in the shop.  You know I love my gulls.




About 5 minutes after this capture, I was focusing my big, heavy 70-200 mm lens on the surf where it meets the sand.  I was shooting, being mindful of the waves and shuffling back every so often to avoid them.  I must have been a little too intent because all of a sudden I could hear the water rustling a little too closely… do you know what I’m talking about?  You suddenly hear something that is WAY too close? Way closer than it should be?  Yeah.  I peeked from behind the lens to see the already-broken wave rushing up the sand towards me.  I felt like I was in slow motion as I turned my body to run up the beach…. I lost my balance and started to do that forward stumble that drunk people often do.  As I was falling to the ground, I had a flash of  ‘OMG MY CAMERA!’ go through  my head.  I threw my left arm out in front of me, lifted the camera straight up towards the sky with my right, and did a semi-barrel roll on the sand as the wave washed over my legs.  The camera body and that lens weigh upwards of 5 lbs and the lens is awkwardly long so I have no idea how I was able to do that without dropping it.  But thank God that I did!  My sneakers, jeans and bottom half of my coat were completely drenched and covered in sand.  THIS is why I always have towels in my truck my friends.  (and why I have to keep vacuuming it out)  *sigh*  But I got some beautiful shots so it’s alllllll good. 😀


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