Still Life

With all of the rain, sleet, snow, rain, wind and rain we’ve had this past week (not a fan, in case you haven’t picked up on that) I’ve forced to try to shoot indoors.  I bought a lot of fruit to shoot.  Not to eat.  God Forbid I should eat something healthy for me. 😀

Still life photography is VERY new to me.  I’m a landscape, beachscape, out-in-nature shootin’ girl.  So forgive my lack of creativity here.  I will continue to explore this genre even with the warming temps because it is quite enjoyable.  I like the whole process: picking out the subject, a prop or two, setting it up, working on the lighting and the angles… it is something different for me and I like to push myself creatively.  Step outside my cozy little box at the beach.  I went a little nuts with the blueberries LOL  It is also interesting how people either love or hate stills.  I had someone write on Facebook that they enjoy my landscapes but are not a fan of stills.  Art is so subjective.  What resonates with one will fly right past someone else.  Okay.  Here’s the fruit of my labors.  Get it?  Get it??  Oh boy, I need more coffee….










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