Winter’s Last Hurrah

They’ve been talking about how much snow we were going to get for over a week.  Not only were we getting snow, but it would last two whole days!  The meat line at the local produce store was wrapped around the store as if we weren’t going to be able to buy meat for a month.  Storm Saturn arrives and we get….. wait for it…… rain.   *pfffth* So I figured we’d get nothing from the 2nd leg of the storm.  Fast forward to 5:00 a.m. this morning when I peek out the window and, to my surprise, everything was white!   By 8:00, we had 5″ on the grassy surfaces and a solid 1″ on the pavers.  I shoveled the entire driveway, all of the walkways and even the back patio.   I knew it would be for naught with the forecast having predicted a switch-over to rain by early afternoon but figured it would be great exercise (and excuse to play in the snow).  Oh yeah, and I took some photos.  😉




















The snow has already begun to melt but I am glad I was able to capture these fleeting winter scenes.  At least let’s HOPE they’re fleeting because this beach girl is SO ready for spring. 😉




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