Waves are coming….

I promise! Just took me longer to finally begin to weed through all of them. I have wave photos when it was eerily overcast, then the sun burst through the clouds and I have golden waves… I have waves that crashed so violently they appear as if an explosion went off beneath the surface…  In the midst of the wave shots are a couple that I nabbed of a beautiful, large dog who was out for a walk.  I used my zoom lens so he and his owner were quite a distance away.  I wish I had pursued the owner to get his contact information because I certainly would have sent him a freebie or two since I took them anyway.  So, my tease for the wave photos is this one I took of the dog.  Sometimes when I take SO many photos (which you need to do when capturing crashing waves, they’re all different!) I feel overwhelmed when it comes to narrowing down which to edit and which to toss.  I hope to get through that process posthaste!! 😀





2 thoughts on “Waves are coming….

  1. Lisa…. What a beautiful shot….. He reminds me of my old Alaskan Malamute. I can even see the “snow nose” on him in this faraway shot. I miss him everyday!

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