Bit of Happiness

Yesterday at around 3:00, the thought of colorful balloons popped into my head and it made me feel happy.  So I literally got up, went to Party City and bought some colorful, helium balloons!  How can you NOT smile when you see balloons??  So then I decided to shoot them.  It was a bit windy so I tried my yard first.




With all of that sun and bokeh I just had to add the ‘be happy’.







Then I decided to take the balloons to…..  wait for it…….  the beach.  Big surprise, huh? LOL  I will tell you that balloons + a windy beach = lots o’ frustration






I had ONE red balloon left by the time I got to the beach.  2 had escaped despite being wrapped around a doorknob umpteen times and then tied to a table!  I arrived at the beach, gingerly took out the remaining ones and *POP*  No more red balloon.  THAT was a treat right in the ear by the way.  *sigh*  I will have to go back when it is less windy because most of my shots have the balloons hanging horizontally in the air because of the whipping wind.  It is amazing how something as small as a colorful balloon can turn your whole day around and make your heart smile 😀  Do something today to make yourself happy; just for you.

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