Photo Challenge – ‘Hobby’

I have a few hobbies.  I love to scrapbook and papercraft.  I am SO addicted to paper!  And twine.  And stamps.  (There are jokes about scrapbooking being a cult but it kinda is!)  I also dabble in making jewelry.  But I’m talking super-basic beading and I’m lucky I can use a crimper.  And if shoe-hording were a hobby, I’d be a master. ;D  But one of my favorite ways to relax is to crochet.  Ah…. I love everything about it.  From picking out a new pattern to wandering around the yarn shop with its neatly-stacked cubbies of all sorts of fibers varying in hues and textures to feeling those fibers gliding through my fingers, it is pure…. heaven.  So I thought about how I was going to shoot today’s topic and decided upon a shot that included some movement.  Crocheting is very rhythmic and soothing.  I remember crocheting on the commute to work and looking up to see one or two people staring at the hook as if they were hypnotized LOL





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