Photography Challenge – Faceless Self-Portrait & Childhood Memory

Whenever I am in nature, whether in the woods, in front of the ocean or on top of a mountain, I feel that we, as humans, are so small.  Just tiny cogs in the wheel, you know?  I wanted to shoot something for the Faceless Self-Portrait entry at the beach, but it was just too cold yesterday and I was running out of daylight.  So I shot this in my yard and tried to convey how ‘small’ I feel when in nature.





My entry for Childhood Memory is a shot I took of my great-grandpa’s cheese grater.  We had many Sunday dinners with them and our favorite was spaghetti and stew meat in red gravy made in a big, black cast iron pot.  Grandpa would take out this cheese grater and grind up a pile o’ parmesan goodness.  I plan on getting this grater refurbished so that we can use it again.  Anyway, we were very lucky to have had our great-grandparents with us until I was in college.  Miss them terribly….






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