Rhode Island

We had a lovely time in Rhode Island.  The air was extremely crisp (that means COLD) but we had a lot of sun.  We stayed at a B&B in Narragansett and also went over to Newport.  We toured The Breakers mansion which was just….. wow.  I cannot imagine anyone living in such excess especially when they called this 138,000 square foot mansion ‘a summer cottage’.  The walls are lined with platinum, gold, mosaic tiles, murals, hand carved wood, alabaster, marble and anything else that would have cost a boat-load of money.  And it was built in the 1800’s!  Crazy.  Crazy money.  Owned by the Vanderbilts, the family that gave us Anderson Cooper who is one of only 700 descendents.  The bedrooms had call buttons that sent signals down to the butler’s pantry.  Their tubs had 4 faucets; two for hot and cold water, two for hot and cold sea water.  Oh, of course, this mansion is right on the water.






We also walked a few trails along the water.  The ocean seemed a little teal to me.  It was just SO pretty up there and the people were very friendly.  We’ve been to states where people have not been very nice but I won’t name them.  😀







We stayed at The Tower House B&B and could not have made a better choice!  From the moment that Mary Beth greeted us (and we showed up way early), we felt like we were staying with a friend.  The room was immaculate, the main area downstairs was cozy, inviting, had a warm fireplace burning and beautiful music playing in the background.  Snacks always seemed to be around and Mary Beth and her hubby Chris make sure every need of their guests is attended to.  Such thoughtful, unexpected amenities such as big, comfy robes…. water, snacks and a mini fridge in the room… newspapers and coffee served on the 2nd floor at 7:00 a.m. so you’ll have some java to sip while getting ready for the fabulous breakfast they serve.  When you look them up, you’ll see people raving about the French toast.  It was definitely rave-worthy.  The whole atmosphere is relaxed, no-pressure and more importantly, friendly!!  We enjoyed their hospitality so much that we’ve decided to go back there during warmer weather for a longer stay.  If you are thinking about visiting Rhode Island, look them up for sure!! http://www.towerhousebandb.com/

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