Cape Neddick Lighthouse

Over the long weekend, we went to a B&B in Portsmouth, NH.  We visited a few cities in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.  I am just beginning to go through all of the photos that I took but wanted to share the first 2 that I edited.  These are of the Cape Neddick Lighthouse (also called “Nubble”) in York, Maine.  We had visited this lighthouse before, also in windy, cold weather.  But this time, and I don’t know if it was because of a low tide or because I never noticed a particular path before, we were able to climb down the rocks to sea level.







The first photo, Frigid Light, is available as a 20×30 gallery wrapped canvas in my Etsy shop and can me done as a print.


The wind was whipping and it was ridiculously cold and I wasn’t wearing my gloves.  Ah, such is the life of a photographer.  I need to have my *fingers* nimbly working the camera not clunky, down-wrapped, inflexible digits.  Although, there did come a point where I just had to give in and put them on because I couldn’t move them.  (photo from Instagram)




I will share more photos as I edit them.  Here in NJ, we are looking forward to some snow, at least I hope….   they are saying 1-3″ and all I want is one decent shooting day in a decent amount of snow and then I want it all to melt away. 😀





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