Photo Challenge – Day 13 ‘Black’ & Day 14 ‘Broken’

Been so busy lately, I’m behind here.  Yesterday’s challenge was ‘black’ and I took it literally, shooting blacktop.




Today’s challenge was ‘broken’.  It dawned on me this morning that most of the Jersey Shore is ‘broken’ right now.  Literally, spiritually, emotionally.  So I decided to shoot something has become the icon for the Hurricane Sandy devastation here at the Jersey shore:  The Jet Coaster that is now IN the ocean.





People away from the shore, I believe, are not aware that most of the communities down here still look like war zones.  Homes toppled over, some being knocked down, some missing, some burned down, the contents of many homes piled way high in the street…. almost 80 days after the storm.  Roads are closed.  Police officers have barricades set up on most of the corners in Seaside Heights.  There are curfews for pedestrians as well as for anyone wanting to go down a side street.  Ortley Beach remains closed altogether.  There are still areas with 2 foot of sand all over the sidewalks and streets.  We are FAR from ‘okay’ or ‘normal’.  But we will get there!!  The beach replenishment in Sea Bright and the work they’re doing on the boardwalk at Seaside are testaments to that!  😀

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