Bird of Death

I hate turkey vultures.  They’re just plain ugly and when they’re around, there is usually something dead nearby.  I call them the ‘birds of death’.  There is a house about 2 blocks from here that has a gaggle (do they hang in gaggles?) on top of the roof on any given day.  That would drive…. me…. nuts.  Well today there were two on OUR roof.  I politely asked hubby to use the extension pole to scare them the hell OFF of our roof.  Did I mention I hate them??  They seriously creep me out.  And they’re huge.  HUGE!  Like, medium-sized-dog huge.  When we got back this afternoon, there were 2 in a tree in the backyard.  So, I fought off the urge to throw something at them and, instead, grabbed the camera.
















Because as much as I detest these birds, they do photograph well when they’re not just sitting there, slumped over, waiting for something to die.  Ugh.

5 thoughts on “Bird of Death

    • I used to shoot film and slides a lot. Started with a manual Pentax K1000 then a Nikon 8008. I like your stuff. have you read Sethsnap wordpress. I like him as well. Thanks

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