Photo Challenge – Day 11 – ‘Reflection’

I had big plans with a big mirror today but the rain forced me to come up with something else.  I was going to just skip today’s challenge, feeling completely uninspired by the gloomy weather.  I brought my camera and a small mirror out with me when I ran some errands in the hopes that something would reveal itself.

In the parking lot of the post office, I liked how the raindrops looked on my windshield so I put my compact mirror on the dashboard and shot this.





Then when I was in another parking lot, I noticed a sea gull on top of a street lamp so I maneuvered my truck to the right angle, again put the compact on the dash and took this shot.




I wound up submitting the gull photo for the challenge because, well, there was a sea gull involved.  I am SO loving this!  Challenges like these really get the brain going…. they force you to think outside the box and push your limits.  It is fresh and invigorating!  I am seeking out other challenges since this one ends in a couple of weeks.  Why not push yourself and shoot something you wouldn’t normally shoot?  Literally, when you are out and about, take out your phone and take a good look around you, no matter where you are.  I bet you can grab an interesting shot.  It is there… you just have to spot it. ;D


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