Photo Challenge – Day 8 – ‘Surprise’

I wracked my brain all day over this theme!  Balloons?  Birthday candles?  Scare the crap out of some unsuspecting person on the street?  ‘Surprise’ is difficult!  So I settled on taking a ride to the beach where the plan was to run after some sea gulls and capture them taking off into flight.  Well, I was planning on more of a jog than a run. ;D

When I pulled up, there were large machines blocking the entrance to the beach.  There are huge piles of sand all over that are about 2 stories tall so I couldn’t see what was going on.  In order to do that, I had to climb up one of those two-story piles.  I was SO excited to see a tanker ship docked a little ways out, tons of piping snaking up and down the beach and a huge cage spewing sand and water…. the beach replenishment for Sea Bright has begun!!!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see this.  This means we just MAY get back to business by Memorial Day.  I’m hopeful anyway.  So this was the best ‘surprise’ I could have received today and it was all thanks to this wonderful photo challenge being hosted by Molly O’Byron-Wellpot!  Please ‘like’ my photography page on Facebook!  I will be editing a couple more of the replenishing of Sea Bright .


Here is another shot taken as I first approached.



And one more of the tanker that came all the way from the Great Lakes to help us.  It will be heading down to the Carolinas when they are finished up here.



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