Our Tree

Every year, we go out and get a real Christmas tree.  Mind you, I have terrible allergies that include all trees.  So for 2 or 3 weeks, I’m a mess with that big evergreen spewing it’s pine-y scented goodness all over the house and lovingly discarding it’s needles all over the family room.  But I love the process.  I love bundling up, driving to different local farms and nurseries to find ‘the one’.  This year, we went in the rain.  Wish it had been snow, because that would have been more Christmasy, but it was just plain ol’ soak-ya-to-the-bones rain.  We went to 2 places that elicited a ‘not feelin’ it dog, not feelin’ it’ from me so onto a 3rd we continued.  I’m glad that we didn’t settle not only because the 3rd place is a very small ‘farm’ run by a family in our town but because I found THE tree.  Perfectly shaped.  Branches not drooping or thin.  Just the right height.  (Actually about a foot too tall but I could envision where we’d cut the top for it to still look perfect).  We were cold, we were wet, and we were smiling as we told the farm guy ‘We got it!’  Here is my December Daily photo I took that afternoon with my phone for my Instagram DD (yes, I am doing both an Instagram DD and a ‘regular’ DD).


We brought it home, dripping wet with the intentions of leaving in the garage to dry out.  We couldn’t wait to set it up, though, so we put plastic under it and put it right into place.  We strung it with a gazillion lights (give or take 3) the next night, and decorated it the night after that.  I love pulling out all of the old ornaments….  We have our ‘First Christmas Together’ bell that was given to us by my mother-in-law when we were dating in high school.  (I was a junior, he was a senior).  That is the first ornament we find a special place for each year.  Here is another Instagram DD photo:


We have ornaments from various places we’ve visited, handmade ones from old family friends, kitschy ones that made us smile and many from our First Christmas as a married couple.  I found a pack of this guy in a dollar store and snatched them right up!  My great-grandparents used to set up a tabletop, silver tinsel tree and I remember sitting in their kitchen that was illuminated only by the colored lights on that tree staring at this exact same red, dancing Santa.  Seeing him in the store brought tears to my eyes.



We use larger-than-normal sized glass lights on the tree and I love how they have pink!  I also came across some gorgeous, super-wide, gold mesh and now I won’t be able to decorate our tree without it.






Now, we are focused on shopping & wrapping….  Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

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