I may go a little overboard decorating for Christmas.  Maybe.  Not sure.  It seems normal to ME.  The part I love most about decorating for Christmas is the lights.  Oh. My. Word.  The Lights!!  I put lights everywhere.  Even places you really shouldn’t put lights, such as randomly hung around the kitchen above the cabinets.  They don’t belong there, they might look a tad ‘tacky’, but when I walk into a room illuminated only by colorful, glowing orbs, I am happy.  HAPPY!  I literally smile when I walk into the kitchen now because of those tackily-hung lights.  I don’t decorate for anyone else but me.  My hubby is quite patient and enjoys the fruits of my labor but the other day he joked that I might be receiving a Christmas gift from JCP&L this year for being their best customer.  Okay, I know it is a bit much.  Just when I thought ‘there is actually NO other place for me to put new lights’, eureka!  Found a spot.  I have been wanting to put the old fashioned, circa 1950’s, large lights into jars for a while but couldn’t figure out where to put them.  I set this up on the bay window in the dining room.  Looks a bit messy during the day, but at night…..


I am doing a December Daily which originated in the scrapbooking cult, uh, I  mean ‘hobby’ ;D as taking one photo a day in the month of December.  The point is to highlight your everyday life during this crazy, busy, exciting month and then scrapbook them.  I did this last year and have yet to scrap the photos, but I do have them here, printed, and all ready to go when the mood strikes.  Here are some of my other DD photos and the ‘lights’ theme shows up often.






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