T Minus 11 Hours and Counting…

The winds have really picked up here in Monmouth County, NJ.  This morning, hubby and I tried to drive down to the beaches for photos but they closed the bridges that lead to Sea Bright.  I’m sure most of Sea Bright is already flooded since many parts of Port Monmouth and Atlantic Highlands were as of this morning.  While I realize it wasn’t smart heading TOWARDS the beach when we are bracing for a hurricane, a photographer lives for these moments.   The winds coming off Sandy Hook Bay in Port Monmouth are already ridiculous.  It is already the kind of wind that you can barely walk in because it is shoving you around.  And forget your hair.  Mine was straight up in the air LOL  I used a Ziploc bag to protect my camera (high tech, I know).  I climbed a sandy dune in that wind and rain to get these two shots of the Sandy Hook Bay.  I really didn’t want my camera out in those elements any longer than that since I don’t have any waterproof housing on it.  These winds seemed much stronger to me than the ones I was shooting in as Hurricane Irene approached.

There was a lot of flooding in Port Monmouth and Atlantic Highlands.  Seemed like every corner we turned, we ran into flooding and had to turn around and find another route.  I was a little worried we wouldn’t get back to the other side of Route 36!!  These were taken this morning, over 12 hours before Sandy is supposed to hit land in Southern NJ.

This limb fell a few blocks from my house and a wire is already down…. that scares me because we are STILL hours away from the full impact of this hurricane.

We have the heat cranking for when the power goes out.  Notice I say ‘when’ and not ‘if’.  We have been listening to Governor Christie over the last two days and he tells us that that major statewide outages are almost a sure thing and that crews will not be sent out until the winds have died down which should be going into Wednesday.  1,700 homes in my town were without power as of 10:00 a.m. this morning.  Just praying that my family and I get through this unscathed.  I can live without power for a while… safety is what is important.

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