Afternoon before Hurricane Sandy

So we drove back down Ocean Avenue and many of the beaches were already closed.  You couldn’t pull into the lots.  So we headed further south to Long Branch.  The wind had picked up from a few hours earlier and it was starting to drizzle.  You know, that annoying kind of drizzle that soaks you right away.  Here are the photos I made in Long Branch around 4:30 this afternoon.

Driving back through Sea Bright, more of the stores along Ocean Ave. had boarded up and placed down sandbags.

I’m physically exhausted from both the painting of the family room and the prepping for the hurricane.  We have non-perishables, candles, flashlights, gallons of water, tons of frozen Ziploc bags ready to line a giant cooler…  we took down all of the decorations outside, secured all loose items or moved them, we cleaned out all of the gutters….  we are as prepared as we possibly can be at this point.  I’m still praying Sandy makes a wicked RIGHT turn and heads out to sea instead of smack into Central NJ.  I’ll update tomorrow morning as to the weather conditions.  If I don’t, you know we lost power.  Hoping everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy stays safe!!!

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