The Storm is a comin’

So here we go again. Another storm is coming right towards us here in NJ. I wasn’t worried about it a few days ago when the weather guys on FB were in a frenzy. Now, I’m a little worried. When preparing for Hurricane Irene, I went all over the county looking for ‘D’ batteries. Along with every other resident in the county. Finally, I found them in Bed, Bath and Beyond. This morning, I was there when they opened, and no ‘D’ batteries. I drove over to Sears. Huge line of people waiting to put their names on a list for generators, but no ‘D’ batteries. A guy there said to check a particular Shop-Rite (not as popular as the one I go to) because they had ‘a ton of D batteries left an hour ago’. Took me 9 minutes to get there and, wait for it…. no ‘D’ batteries. I decided I would head to hardware stores off the beaten paths when, on a whim, I stopped into CVS. There they were, right in front!  A woman grabbed a whole mess of them before me but I was able to get a few. I purposely left 2 packs because I do not want any bad you-took-the-last-of-the-batteries-and-left-some-old-person-without-light-for-days karma following me around.


I am taking down all of my outdoor Halloween decor as are most of my neighbors. I wouldn’t want my newly-made scarecrows to become airborne missiles!  Some of my decorations pull double-duty for Thanksgiving so I am not sure if I will reconstruct after Sandy has had her way with us.  AND we are currently repainting the family room so that entire room’s contents are in other rooms. I hope the walls don’t need a third coat and that we can get it all back into place by tomorrow.  So I’ll have the proper amount of time to sit and worry while waiting for Sandy.


Anyone else prepping for Sandy? Besides water, bread and canned goods, I made damn sure we had Doritos! I am going to print out a bunch of crochet patterns just in case we lose power and I need to get all Laura Ingalls for a few days. 😀 Okay, back to painting!

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