More of the Nephews

So here are a couple of more of my nephews.  It is clear to me that I need to start using my Speedlite or need to purchase a soft box of some kind.  In just beginning my research on them, my head is spinning already.


My nephews are 9 and 10 but will be 10 and 11 before January’s end.  Where did that time go??  I remember when they were babies and we used to push them around in the strollers.  Wow.  Seems like in a blink of the eye they’ve become these miniature people with tons of personality and opinions.  And they’re funny too.  My sister did a great job raising them and her daughter who is now in the work force doing very important PR-related things and has her fingers on the pulse of the political world.  I’m feeling very old today!  haha  I have a birthday coming up that I plan on completely ignoring. ;D

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