We had our 2 nephews here this weekend.  Always a big treat for us!!  We don’t have kids of our own so we like to occasionally borrow my sister’s now and then.  ;D

Based on the sheer number of photographs that I took during the couple of hours we took them to the boardwalk and then an hour in the park, I’d say if I DID have children of my own, I would need data silos in my backyard to house the  daily-terabyte-upload.  Right now, I can’t wrap my head around how I will edit all of these (and you know I will) let alone scrapbook them.  I think I will create an printed album to commemorate this weekend’s visit.  

Here is the first one I edited so far.  I asked for some sort of ‘brotherly’ pose and, honestly, they wanted no part of any of that business.  “You want me to TOUCH him? Um, no thanks.”  Ahhhh. Gotta love brothers at this age.  So we settled upon the classic, not-too-touchy ‘fist bump’.


You’ll be seeing more of these guys over the next couple of days as I plow through what I snapped this weekend.  😀

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